Broadbridge Heath Leisure Centre for Neilcott Construction Ltd

We are nearing Completion of this flagship project Broadbridge Heath Leisure Centre for #Neilcott Construction Ltd. We were really very pleased to have been awarded the following packages for the design and construction of the #Drylining , #METSEC /SFS, plastering #Facades, acoustic baffles & ceilings trades way back in Jan 2018.

We have almost handed over the project now and it’s looking fantastic, especially the external timber which blends very well with the leafy surrounding areas of Horesham.

This was a new building constructed adjacent to the existing sports centre in Broadbridge Heath, funded by the council.

We have had a mixture of finishes on the external facade with some close boarded T&G Accoya, square edged Accoya, Accoya hit and miss vertical battens, Marley Eternit in 2 slightly different shades, all supported by SFS framework and Bracketry system. We have also built stronger relationships with our suppliers who have been great at providing materials to us sometimes at short notice #Variations.

Drylining to the internal walls was metal stud frame with plasterboard and skim finish. Ceilings were a mixture of different lay in grid tiles and acoustic baffles were superfon 40mm thick. Lots of bulkheads and interesting details.

Broadbridge Heath Leisure Centre has been a great project for us all and has further strengthened our working relationship with Neilcott for the forseable. We very much look forward to working with Neilcott again.

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